10 Most Beautiful Places In The World To Visit

1. Pamukkale, Turkey

The natural thermal pools of Pamukkale undoubtedly put the most magnificent infinity pools to shame. The name of the city itself translates to ‘cotton castle’, with its pure white travertine spas flowing with mineral hot springs are open for all to take a dip in! These calcite bathing pools overlook the city of Denizli and are surrounded by picturesque snow and beautiful waterfalls. The view at sunset paired with the most relaxing open spa cannot be missed.

2. Northern Scandinavia

A sight you cannot afford to miss out on are the northern lights, also known as ‘Aurora Borealis’. They’re certainly a blessing sent from the heavens. But scientifically, this phenomenon occurs when the charged particles from the sun collide with the upper atmosphere of the earth to give us such a breathtaking view. This celestial ballet of green, blue, pink and violet lights can be best viewed from northern Scandinavia ‘The Northern Lights Belt’ such as Norway, Scotland, Finland and Iceland.

3. Australia, Great Ocean Road

Just a few hours to the west of Melbourne lies The Great Ocean Road, which is one of the most spectacular coastal drives you can ever go from. This 243-kilometer stretch has it all — from the 12 Apostle rocks to pristine beaches, vintage scenic stops and the infamous seaside town of Lorne. The road is filed with eucalyptus trees on the way, which gives you the chance to spot the cuddliest koalas alongside the Kennett River Koala Walk.

4. Marrakech, Morocco

On the foot of the Atlas Mountains sits the city of Marrakech. It’s an architectural wonder filed with maze-like alleyways. The colourful souks and beautiful gardens are sure to leave you awestruck. But the one thing you can’t miss is the Bahia Palace. With its signature peacock hues, opulent marble courtyards and zellige tiling, this place is a piece of heaven.

5. Provence, France

Nothing epitome Provence more than the endless stretches of the prettiest and best smelling Valensole lavender fields. This countryside is home to many distilleries that manufacture oils, soap bars and lotions, thus making the most of the fragrant fields. Witness these violet views as they pepper the landscape every summer along with the golden meadows of wheat and sunflower and deep blue lakes. With the pastel houses, stone cottages and vintage farmhouses, this village are just enchanting.

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