Guys Who are Totally Worth Your Time

You have probably already met a few of them, or left some of them behind. It is not to say that this guy is a bad person; he was just bad for you. We have a list of 10 kinds of guys who are totally worth your time.

1. The guy who listens
Not listening is a sure sign that he is not as interested in you as you may be in him. Hopefully you will notice it quickly and your interest will fade. A guy who remembers that your favorite color is green, or the date your beloved grandmother passed away – he is worth your time and more.

2. The guy who shares his past with you
Don’t expect this to happened immediately and remember that sometimes he might fail to share because the past can be painful. So don’t hold it against him if he holds back, but take it as a compliment if he shares his past with you. Even the seemingly irrelevant moment of his past is a compliment to take part in; it shows that he has nothing to hide from you.

3. The guy who gives random signs of affection
Please don’t waste your time on a guy who never shows up with little surprises. It does not even have to be flowers; a kiss on the cheek or coffee in bed is almost equally cute. He is probably not worth your time if you never receive a sweet text message or an affectionate hug out of nowhere.

4. The guy who makes you feel good
If he complains about you more often than he compliments you, please reconsider if he is worth your time. You should spend your valuable days on someone who makes you feel your best. Couples are supposed to be each other’s number one fans. Complimenting each other and cheering each other on is a solid proof of this.

5. The guy who introduces you to his family
Meeting the family is frightening business. Perhaps you feel a bit grateful that he hasn’t brought it up yet, but in most cases you are fooling yourself. A guy who sees you as a serious partner will introduce you to his family. If you have been together for a while and you barely know how many siblings he has, he might not be that serious about you.

6. The guy who makes compromises
A big part of any relationship is to make compromises. Be it your relationship with your best friend or your parents. To stubbornly hold on to his plans without thinking about you means that he is either a very selfish man, or just not that into you. Either one of these is not worth your time at all.

7. The guy who wants to befriend your friends
It does not matter as much if he manages to befriend them or not. The whole point is that he is willing to try and values your friendships. A guy who sees you as merely a fling will not be too interested in befriending your friends. It will only call for awkward encounters in the street later on.

8. The guy who plans ahead
This is an important sign that you play a role his long term plans. Chatting about the holiday you should go on in about six months is a huge confirmation of this. He would not want to make plans with you if he is in fact planning on excluding you from them. Lean back and feel safe that you have found a guy who is totally worth your time.

9. The guy who shows off for you
Just like he appreciates you showing off for him, he should also do the effort of strutting around in front you. Perhaps he is effortlessly walking around without a shirt, but he is also looking for compliments. When he wants your admiration, you know he is not going to waste your time. Check out this article for ways to make him adore you even more.

10. The guy who tries to not be late
It is dangerous to say “never late” because few of us are. On the other hand, it is a bad sign if he always shows up half an hour late for your date and barely makes an excuse for himself. Then he is wasting your time – literally, and you should perhaps find someone who won’t. There are lots of them.

We know how difficult the dating game can be; it is easy to get attached and hard to let go. This list of 10 kinds of guys who are totally worth your time might help save you some disappointments. Good luck and be careful!

Written by Marte Klausen

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