How To Produce A Music Video: 4 Proven Techniques

Music videos show a message or story in a song and need to be made with help from musicians and filmmakers.

Music videos are a type of video

A song and a film are used together to make a music video. The music and lyrics of the song and film match up with a theme, story, or message in the music and lyrics. Video clips may show band members performing the song and actors telling the story, or a music video may show only the musicians or actors performing.

Music videos have a long production process that includes storyboarding, video editing, and special effects, no matter what they’re about. Music videos have been about since the 1920s when they were called “musical short films.” In the 1980s, MTV made them popular, giving fans new ways to interact with their favorite bands’ music.

Because they help people learn about music

It doesn’t matter if you make your first music video with a camera phone or make one with a professional crew and many different camera angles. Music videos are important for the success of a band or artist. It can be a good idea to put the final video on websites and social media so that you can reach more people and market the song to help sell more records.

Make a Music Video

For your music video, follow these steps.

Establish a thought

The director must work closely with the artist or band to develop a concept or story for the music video, and they must do this together. Do some research and look for other videos that might help you develop ideas and storyboards for your first ideas.

Budget in a smart way

After you figure out your concept, which will help you figure out how many actors and places you need, you can start working on your budget. Ensure you know how many crew members, actors, and equipment pieces you need.

Scout places and take pictures

If you’re making a movie, you’ll want to show your director and production team many different video locations so they can decide which one is best for them. Before shooting:

⦁ Think about whether the location has power.
⦁ Take good pictures of the area in the light and time you want to shoot.
⦁ Get an idea of how much space the location has for actors or the band.

It’s time to start making your storyboard

You can plan your music video shot-by-shot. It would help if you thought about how each shot will look when you plan it out. The video director will want to see how each frame looks, so think about lens types, camera angles, and blocking. You can make a storyboard by hand or use an online tool to make one.

Assemble your team and tools

In terms of equipment, figure out which video cameras and lighting instruments you’ll need and whether or not you need a green screen. How much money you have will decide how many crew members you can hire. Music videos usually have a gaffer, a grip, a sound technician, and a production assistant to make sure the shoot goes well.

Your music video should be made

A producer or an assistant director will give you a shooting schedule and tell you when to call and have a meal break. As long as there’s time, get more takes during the shoot. This way, your video editor has a lot of options to choose from when making the final cut.

Make sure that the post-production process has begun!

Post-production will be a lot longer after you shoot and pay your actors. After you return your gear and pay your actors, you’ll start editing. Share the music track and footage files with your editor. They will take the needed parts and put them together to make a rough draft that the team can look at. If you like to create your video to look better or sound better, video editing software can help you.

Review and improve drafts

A lot of people could give their opinion on the editor’s work. These people could be the director, the producer, or even the band members themselves. They will work together and be patient to develop a final product that tells the story of a song.

Share what you’ve done

After a music video is done, the marketing can start. Tease out parts of the video to put online before the official release. Then upload the final cut to a video sharing platform, your band’s website, and social media so a wide range can see it of people.

How to Make a Music Video: 4 Tips

People who start making music videos can learn a lot from these tips!

Keep your notes together

Different ideas and inspirations come at any time. Keep a notebook or computer file with you at all times so that you can keep track of all your ideas in one place.

Keep in touch with the artist or band

You want to make sure you get it right because of the time, money, and effort that goes into making a music video. That means making sure the musical artist’s vision comes to life. Keep in touch with them throughout the process to ensure you are on the same page and deliver a product that meets their needs.

Know the song very well

Listening to different things may bring up different points of view that you haven’t thought about before. Check out how you feel about the song when you play it at different times of day to see how it makes you feel. Each time you listen, you can get new ideas to help you in the production process.

Think about how long it will take to rehearse

Make sure to add extra rehearsal time if there is complicated choreography or blocking. You’ll be grateful for it. This doesn’t have to happen at the place where you’re going to shoot. It’s better if it does because your actors will be more used to the place.

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