Tips To Talk To A Girl

1. Look into her eyes
you should talk to a pretty girl by looking into her eyes
Make sure you maintain eye contact
The first important tip for any good conversation is to maintain eye contact with your partner. Making eye contact with an attractive girl sends all sorts of positive signals her way. First, you are giving her a really good first impression that you are not intimidated by her (no matter how much you are sweating within). You’re conveying that you are confident and sure about yourself.

Second, it’ll show her that you aren’t one of those jerks talking to her just to get in her pants. To be able to take the conversation further, it’s vital you don’t come across as a creep, desperate for action. Do not make your eyes wander – a girl is quick to notice these small things even if it is for a second.

Third, by looking her in the eyes and holding that gaze, you are non-verbally communicating , “You have my attention”. And she is definitely going to return your attention. Confidently looking into her eyes while talking to her is one of the best ways to impress an attractive girl. Plus, you might be able to flirt with your eyes too. If you need practice, ask your female friends for help. But you both know you’re just going to end up laughing at each other.

The stronger the eye contact, the better. In fact, studies have shown that strong eye contact has the potential to set up even two strangers on the path love. This is the best way to start talking to a beautiful girl.

2. Try to connect with her

Gorgeous, beautiful girls are not different from anybody else; they are humans like all of us. They are tired of people trying to impress them with their achievement medals, celebrity pals, 6-pack abs, or 6-figure paychecks. They want someone to connect with them on an intellectual as well as on an emotional level, much like most of us. But most men look at them as eye candies and talk only about themselves to create a good impression. Needless to say, that’s not going to work.

When you are talking to an attractive woman, make it a conversation, not a resume-reading activity. A gorgeous girl is already tired of men trying to impress her, rather than connect with her. Keep your high-profile job and 6-digit salary aside, and connect with her on a personal level. Talk to her like a friend, give her your full attention and make her feel she has a friend in you too.

What they are looking for is someone with whom they can talk and develop a real, personal connection. Try being that person who makes her laugh, tell her a funny childhood incident. Whatever you talk about, make sure you are honest. Once you make her smile, you become attractive to her.

3. Be a good listener
In the process of doing all the talking, don’t forget that you have to be a listener as well. Speaking to a beautiful girl is fine but you have to listen too. Try not to talk about yourself all the time, your past, your likes, your dislikes. While it is natural to talk about yourself and to let her know what you have in life, it’s not the best way to connect. Your motive is not to brag about yourself, but to make her feel special in your company.

If you’re wondering “why is it so difficult to talk to an attractive girl?” you need to change your approach altogether. Stop talking, start listening! Ask her engaging questions about herself and genuinely show an interest in her. Once you do, even if you talk to a beautiful girl for the first time, things will go smoothly.

Bring the focus to her. This is your golden opportunity to know everything you have ever wanted to know about this beautiful girl. Show her that she has all your attention and you are willing to listen to her. She will feel good, and the more you make her feel good, the better the chances she will like you more and not the guy who’s wearing sunglasses in the bar, trying to talk to this girl any chance he gets.

4. Ask the right questions
When you start asking about her, make sure you don’t go into full-on interviewer mode or too interrogative — that could set her mood off big-time. Try asking meaningful questions like, “What is the one thing in the world that you cannot live without?”, “What is your biggest achievement to date?” “If you were given one superpower what would that be?” This will definitely keep her hooked to you.

Most guys start with the same surface questions – where do you work, where do you live, what did you study. These are pretty boring and not at all interesting. If you have to ask her questions, ask her ones that reveal her personality. This may seem intimidating, but it will help you connect on an intimate and personal level. Plus, you get to know her much better.

Don’t go about asking her pin code on the first conversation though. How to talk to a pretty girl will be the least of your worries when you’ll be talking to the cops instead, explaining why you were inquiring for personal information from a stranger!

5. Build points of similarity

Try to find common interests with her
Everyone develops an instant liking for someone who shares similar interests with them. If you really want her to show an interest in you, show her how much you have in common. Within no time, you’ll go from being a stranger to a potential friend. However, if the only similarity you can find is that you both like pizza, you need to dig deeper. Everybody likes pizza.

You do not have to fake your similarity. Just do not forget to say, ‘Oh I too like this’ or ‘me too’ when some point of similarity comes up in your conversation. In this way, she will develop a sense of belonging and will feel a little more comfortable talking with you. Also, the next time you can have a whole new range of topics to talk about from these points of similarity

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